KemacLogo 2015

3rd to arrive at 1:40pm

Birth weight:  11.5 ounces

They may call me “Peanut”, but I am a determined girl!

Bright colored paws across page



1 week old

Weight:  1 pound 12 ounces

Bright colored paws across page

18June15 WW Peanut

2015 Spring Litter 2 wks Old 002

2 weeks old

Weight:  3 pounds 1/2 ounce

I may have started out smaller than the rest,

but I am catching up!

Bright colored paws across page

At 6 weeks

She is keeping up with her siblings!

Meet Nala – she will be joining her forever family in Illinois soon!

19July2015 051

19July2015 058


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