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How It All Started…


“Victory Hug” with Nick in 1967

When I was very small, my constant companion and protector was Rhinny.  Rhinny was part Great Dane and part German Shephard… He looked all Great Dane, except he was pure white.  Unlike most white Danes, Rhinny had perfect sight and had no problems hearing.  When someone needed to find me – they just looked for Rhinny.  After we lost Rhinny, mom decided she wanted a pure-bred Dane. So in 1966, Glorilane’s Billy Bonick (Nick) joined our family.

Having no experience showing Danes, little did we know that this family hobby would become such an integral part of our daily lives.  Showing Nick in 12 states in the U.S. and 3 Canadian provinces, he acquired both his AKC and CKC championships.  When he was only 16 months old, and not yet a champion, he even took a Best In Show in Canada!  Every point won, every ribbon he was awarded, he was shown by either mom, dad or myself.

Of course Nick needed a “girlfriend” so Daneboa’s Golden Charmer (Charm) joined the family and also obtained her AKC and CKC Championships with a Cowley at the end of her lead as well. Retiring from the show ring soon after obtaining her champion titles, Charm had her first litter and “Kemac” was formed.  Nick and Charm went on to produce several litters together….

The “KE” in Kemac comes from dad’s name – Keith – and “MAC” is mom’s initials – Mary Ann Cowley.  A simple way of coming up with the name for the family business…

Mom continued to show not only Danes, but several other breeds throughout the years.  I got the “dog show bug” at age 6 and became a top junior handler in Minnesota and Canada for three consecutive years, also showing several different breeds including Brussels Griffons, Miniature Schnauzer, German Shorthair Pointer, Irish Setter, Keeshounds and an Old English Sheepdog.  Dad was ringside whenever mom or I were in the ring.  Most weekends you could find the three of us at a dog show – somewhere.

The picture above was taken in Canada in 1967 at a dog show after Nick had won Best Of Breed two consecutive days.  The picture made the front page of the local paper and was titled “Victory Hug”.  I was only 7 years old.

All these many years later, my love for Great Danes is an even more integral part of my daily life.  With my husband, Jeff, we are carrying on the family legacy with Kemac Great Danes.  All these years later I can’t think of a better way of honoring my parents then by carrying forward the Kemac name and continuing their standards of producing high quality, distinguished Great Danes who make loving and loyal family members.

Thank you for visiting our web site! Enjoy the gallery of pictures from Kemac’s  origins.


July 1967 Aquatenial Fun Match with Charm and some of her puppies from her first litter.

Bones and green paw prints

Aquatennial with Nick 1967

Nick and I at the 1967 Minneapolis Aquatennial

Bones and green paw prints

Dad and Nick

My dad (Keith) with Nick in 1967

Bones and green paw prints


Best of Breed with my Brussels Griffon Penny in 1967

Bones and green paw prints

Nick and Charm Canada 1970

Nick (with my mom) winning Best of Breed and Charm winning Best Opposite Sex at shows in Winnepeg Canada in 1970 .

Bones and green paw prints


Nick and I winning in 1968

Bones and green paw prints


Molly and I winning Top Jr Handler in 1971

Bones and green paw prints